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Hand operated twin or single over center clutch
Control & Monitoring Panels
RACHA POWERPAC P.T.O (Power Take-off) control panels include:

  • Hour Run Meter
  • Battery Voltmeter
  • Key operated stop/start switch
  • Shut down with two indicating lamps for low oil pressure & high coolant temperature.
  • Tachometer
  • Oil Pressure gauge
  • Coolant temperature gauge
  • Electronic circuit board with 4 indicating LED's & Shutdown for LOP & HWT
Assembly: Racha Power Services Diesel Engine: Perkins


  • The engine/P.T.O. assembly rests on skid rubber mounting.
  • The skid is made up of durable sheet metals and beams.
  • A skid mounted fuel tank is supplied with fuel gauge, filler cap, fuel inlet and outlet hoses.
  • The control panel enclosure is made up of reliable sheet metal of 1.25 mm thickness.
  • Step up and Step down Transformers


  • The skid and control panel enclosure are painted by heat-treated and power-coated paint.


  • All P.T.Os are tested prior to dispatch.
  • Test certificate is issued for each P.T.O
  • Tachometer
  • Multi cylinder
  • 4 strokes
  • Water cooled Radiator with belt driven blower fan and full guarding
  • Direct injection (above 20kVA)
  • Electric starter with solenoid Relay
  • Battery Charger Alternator
  • Energized to rum solenoid
  • Replaceable fuel, oil and air filters
  • Primary water separator
  • Heavy duty leads acid battery
  • One loosed supplied industrial exhaust silencer
  • Electronic speed governor (above 80 KVA) *(depends on range)