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Racha Power Services Limited, though conceived much earlier, was incorporated in 2002, after detailed feasibility studies, to provide comprehensive services in the electric power generation sector of the Nigerian economy. From the word Go, we had our eyes focused on the South-Eastern Nigeria where our mission was to set the highest of standard at very affordable rates. Today, we have our presence firmly established in every nook and cranny of the South-East. And even faster than our expectations, we are becoming The Power-King of South-Eastern Nigeria.

More than anything else we have succeeded in filling the very big gap created by the absence of a major player based in the South-East. Hitherto, you needed to get to firms based in Lagos to get the services we now offer here. This has no doubt brought a lot of relief to so many people who enjoy our unrivalled direct services at cheaper costs.


Though our core products are:


We are not restricted to just these. If a customer has a particular brand and model of whatever capacity in mind we shall deliver.

We also stock original spare parts of Canopies, Stabilizers, Automatic panels, UPS, Sound proofing services.

The products we stock are world class names, all, renowned for their reliability, ruggedness and quality.


In our technical department, we have assembled a blend of local and foreign engineers and technicians that have acquired on extensive wealth of experience both here in Nigeria and with our foreign technical partners. Power Services of Lebanon, to make them some of the best hands in the field.

We work round the clock. It is our firm belief, that based on the fact that power from electricity has become synonymous with comfortability, that electricity should be enjoyed for close to 24 hours of the day if not round the clock. We work 24 hours in our technical department, in our concerted effort to give life that true meaning of comfort.

If you are on contract with us, you will enjoy the following:

  • Free emergency calls at any time of the day
  • Free inspection of generators in between services
  • Servicing of generators every 200 – 250 hours
  • Replacement of lubricants and filters during each service
  • Replacement of air filter when due
  • Steam washing of radiator when required

The power sector in Nigeria is one that has remained engulfed in challenges, so we never came into the field hoping for any smooth sail. We expect challenges and we were prepared for them. It is however disheartening to us that one of our major challenges has been from competitors who on one hand are ready to use fake spare parts and adulterated lubricants, and customers ever ready to sacrifice their huge investments on the other.

But we are not discouraged as more and more customers have continued to really understand our insistence on the use of original and genuine spare parts and unadulterated lubricants.

Our future plan is to consolidate our status as the power-king of the South-East, extending our excellent coverage to every part of the South–East and Nigeria . We want to continue to give our customers perfect services with real value for their money. They don´t deserve any less.

Anybody who wants to buy a generator in any part of the East and Nigeria should talk to us. If you are in the South-East and you already have a generator you should still talk to us. We are your sure and best bet for best services at the most competitive rate.