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Equipment Consumption   PCS
Standard Light Bulb 75 W  
Energy Saving Light Bulb 20 W  
Outdoor lighting 100 W  
Television 300 W  
Refrigerator 750 W  
Oven 7000 W  
Dishwasher 500 W  
Washing Machine 1000 W  
Clothes Dryer 3.500 W  
Electric Cookers 2.000 W  
Coffeemaker 1.000 W  
Freezer 400 W  
Electric Heater 1.500 W  
Laptop 100 W  
Computer 800 W  
Plasma Television 250 W  
Equipment ConsumptionPCS
Dvd Player 50 W
Air Conditioner 3.000 W
AM / FM Radio 50 W
Sound System 500 W
Hair Dryer 1.000 W
Iron 1.000 W
Vacuum Cleaner 1.000 W
Fan 150 W
Combi 150 W
Lift 25.000 W
Garage Door Opener 500 W
Security System 1.000 W
Electric Saws 1.500 W
Drill 1.000 W
Water Pump 1.000 W
Total Consumption (Watts):
Total Consumption (KVA):  

The wattages listed in our reference guide above are based on estimated wattage requirements. For exact wattages, check the data plate or operator's manual of the item you wish the power. If in doubt, ask your reseller for advice.
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